Reforms & Initiatives

There was a quantum leap in revenue generation in the Ministry of Justice rising from about Three Million naira per annum to a High of about Three Hundred Million naira at a point. Procurement processes were stream lined and brought about openness in the Ministry.

Other highlights at the Ministry of Justice include:

  • Establishment of the department of Citizens Rights including the Citizens Mediation centre.
  • Making the Ministry of Justice IT compliant with laptops procured for all state counsel.
  • Development and deployment of a document management and case tracking solution for the ministry.
  • Initiating the establishment of a forensic lab to enhance law enforcement / investigation.
  • Worked on law reform/ prison de-congestion.
  • Amended the Law Reform Committee Law and initiated the review/publishing of the laws of Kaduna State and appointed a retired Appeal Court Justice as Chairman.
  • Upgraded/Renovated the offices of the Ministry of Justice.
  • Set-up the Advisory Committee on Perogative of Mercy.
  • Promoted capacity building for staff through short courses, workshops, seminars and conferences.
  • Ensure Police case diaries were treated faster and DPP’s legal advice issued within a few days.
  • Set in motion machinery for implementation of recommendations of previous commissions of inquiries.
  • Set in motion machinery for the domestication of the-Freedom of Information Act and the Administration of Criminal Justice Act.
  • Renegotiated several contracts and agreements thereby saving the State billions of naira including the new Government House buildings.