Bills and Motions

When serving as Member Kaduna State House of Assembly, Representing Kaura Constituency some of the bills and motions he sponsored include:

  1. Motion on traffic congestion and construction of new road and bridge across river Kaduna. This resulted in the construction of the new Yakowa Road and 4th bridge over river Kaduna.
  2. Motion to create an Economic Board for Kaduna State.
  3. Motion seeking the probe of the use of funds allocated for State and Local Government joint projects. To promote Transparency. To encourage the prudent and proper use of public funds.
  4. Motion to determine the level of exposure of the State to external loans. To provide information on the State’s actual debt profile. Sustainability of  debt and  development. Enhance transparency in Government business and effective allocation of resources. Freedom from debt burden.
  5. Motion seeking the reopening of Textile Industries in Kaduna State. To reduce unemployment by creating new jobs and recall of laid-off staff. Reduce societal vices associated with unemployment. Grow the local economy. This motion succeeded and led to the reopening of UNTL and re-engagement of over 800 workers
  6. Motion on the HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in Kaduna. To reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS. Motion passed with executive bill presented on a law to protect employees living with HIV/AIDS.
  7. Motion on the deforestation of Tsonje and Nimbia forest reserves. Protect the environment and preserve the only remaining tropical rain forest in the North. Stop the negative effect of deforestation like climate change.
  8. Contract Appointment Law (2009). The law created a framework to regulate contract appointments in the state and open up job for the youth and better retirement planning. It will also boost morale of lower level staff.
  9. Constituency Projects Bill 2009. To create a legal framework and institutionalize constituency projects so as to avoid corruption in the system. Ensure even spread of projects across the state and every constituency.
  10. Donated 2 container loads of medical supplies and equipment in conjunction with Project Cure (USA) worth over $400,000 to Kaura Rural Hospital and Turaki Buga Memorial Hospital all in his constituency.
  11. Built and Donated a Community Health Centre to the Kagoro Hills dwelling community; in partnership with CBN International organised a medical outreach reaching over 5,000 rural dwellers with free medical services that included surgeries, medicated glasses etc.
  12. Gave over 1,000 scholarships’ and grants to indigent students; provided grants and starter parks to hundreds of rural people to start micro enterprises; built, furnished and or renovated primary school classroom blocks in Bungen, Kukum Gida, Atuka and Manchok II Kaura LGA; as Chairman of the Public Petitions Committee helped the Kaduna State Water to recover close to N300,000,0000 in unpaid bills.
  13. Facilitated the construction of boreholes in all public schools and health facilities in his constituency to improve access to clean water and sanitation.
  14. As Attorney-General he proposed the creation of the traffic and environmental law enforcement agency known as KASTELIA and drafted it’s establishment Law which has lead to the creation of hundreds of Jobs; proposed the setting up of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission which later metamorphosed into a Peace Commission.